SOE Background


The main role of the School of Ocean Engineering (SOE) is to produce graduates who are skilled in science, technology and marine engineering as well as conducting teaching, research and service related fields such as Science, Technology and Engineering, Environmental Technology, Maritime, Electronic Physics and Instrumentation as well as Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation. The programs offered in science and technology by the school is a pragmatic step towards developing human resources that are not only trained in science, technology and marine engineering, but are able to compete, have a sense of identity and noble character to accommodate the needs of the good workforce to build a ‘New Industrial State, Environmentally Friendly’.

The programs offered by SOE are highly relevant and needed by marine-related industries. SOE currently offers 4 pre-graduate programs with a duration of 6 to 8 semesters (3 to 4 years). The courses offered are as follows: –

Bachelor of Technology (Environment)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Maritime Technology)
Bachelor of Science (Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Electronic Physics and Instrumentation)

Vision, Mission and Goals


Towards excellence in education and research in marine science and marine engineering and sustainable environment.


Driving the advancement of science, technology and engineering through the development of marine science and sustainable natural resources.


  • Offers high quality academic programs in marine science and natural resources for universal sustainability.
  • Produce graduates who are holistic, responsible, knowledgeable, confident and competent.
  • Developing human capital for scholarship and transfer of marine science and natural resources.
  • Providing complete and up-to-date facilities and facilities for support teaching, research and innovation activities.


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