Introduction to Bachelor of Applied Science (Electronic and Instrumentation Physics)


Sarjana Muda Sains Gunaan (Fizik Elektronik dan Instrumentasi)

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The Bachelor of Applied Science (Electronic and Instrumentation) program offers pre-graduate programs that drive the fields of physics, electronics and instrumentation. In the offered program, students have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in physics, electronics and instrumentation as well as enhance their skills in applying basic physics, electronic and instrumentation understanding in various fields and situations by emphasizing problem solving, research and development. With this background, it will make it easier for graduates to step into the workplace that is more challenging. Graduates will be easier to get acquainted with and can work effectively and excel. Students are also trained to apply effective instrumentation and the best techniques in solving scientific problems, as well as learning the methods of data collection and analyzing decisions. Students are also required to complete industrial training through placement in private agencies and relevant government. Final year students are required to carry out research projects on an individual basis for research and development and further reinforce understanding and application of physics, electronics and instrumentation concepts.


The offering of this program is to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Offer a bachelor’s degree in science/ applied science in physics, electronics and instrumentation as well as other relevant physical fields.
  2. Produce graduates with extensive knowledge of physics, electronics and instrumentation that are robust  to serve the private and public sectors.
  3. Produce graduates with technical and management skills to provide services to the industry to enhance the development and progress of the community and the country.
  4. Produce graduate graduates and contribute to the development of religion, race and nation in line with UMT’s vision, mission and goals.

Prospek Kerja

Graduan daripada Program Sarjana Muda Sains Gunaan (Fizik Elektronik dan Instrumentasi) mempunyai peluang kerjaya di dalam agensi kerajaan dan swasta. Graduan daripada jabatan ini boleh bekerja sebagai Pensyarah (Universiti,politeknik, Matrikulasi, Kolej Swasta), Guru (Fizik, Matematik, Senireka, dll),Pegawai Penyelidik/ Pegawai Sains (Institut Penyelidikan), Jurutera Bahan/Saintis Bahan, Ahli Fizik, Pengurus Teknikal (Elektronik/Instrumentasi), Jurutera Kualiti, Jurutera R&D, Ahli Perniagaan, Pengawal Trafik Udara dan lain lain lagi.

Job Prospect

Graduates from the Bachelor of Applied Science (Electronic and Instrumentation) program have a career opportunity within government and private agencies. Graduates from this department may work as Lecturers (Universities, Polytechnics, Matriculation, Private Colleges), Teachers (Physics, Mathematics, Designers, etc.), Research Officers / Scientific Officers (Research Institute), Materials Engineer / Materials Scientist, Physicist, Technical Manager (Electronic / Instrumentation), Quality Engineer, R & D engineer, Businessman, Air Traffic Controller and others.